Two weeks ago I was in a world that was perfect and wonderful and I never wanted to leave. What is this mystical and magical place, you ask? It was the Salute to Supernatural Convention held in beautiful Burbank, California (which also happens to be my hometown).

For three whole days, giddy fangirls (and yes, quite a few fanboys as well) were immersed in nothing but Supernatural from morning till night. There were panels from actors on the show as well as people who worked behind the scenes. We watched fanvids, sang our hearts out at the karaoke party, laughed uncontrollably at nearly every panel, got our pictures taken with our favorite SPN folks and overall had the time of our lives.

I told you it was mystical and magical, and the best part for me is that the moment the festivities ended, I was on a plane to that other magical place known as Vancouver. After spending three days in a world of Supernatural, I spent the next five days in the place where it all happens, taking pictures at former filming locations, and even finding my way near a few current ones.

Below are the highlights of my days spent in Supernaturaland (as I like to call it).

First up, my favorite bits from the Burbank Supernatural Convention 2012: